FPCRMV4-LMM-RAIL Systems for ceiling applications!


Utility and Elegance in Rails!

The FPCRMV4-LMM flexible Rail-System has been designed to meet the modern needs of A/V market, providing features of horizontal and vertical motion, as well as rotation, in combination with a low profile aluminum rail, easy to hide or unify with other features of ceiling.

Fpcrmv4Lm Main Image
Fpcrmv4Lm Main Image


  • horizontal run length up to 12 meters, setup in any intermediate length desired by the client
  • manual linear motion
  • manual full rotation of suspended mount up to 300degrees
  • manual tilt ability
  • suspension of AV equipment by fixed height arm mount, in five (5) standard heights from 50cm up to 100cm
  • mounting flanges according to standard vesa or customized mounting hole patterns
  • invisible cable routing inside the aluminum ceiling rail, in cable chain
  • elegant design
  • coloring of aluminum rail in aluminum anodized color
  • smooth motion
  • safety in application
  • easy installation
  • silent motion



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