Inox Telescopic Ceiling Tube Brackets P-TT regular


Inox Telescopic Ceiling Tube Brackets, suitable for projector ceiling mounts type PCMU V3.1, characterized by modern design, absolute safety and excellent utility.

P Tt50 95 Main Image
P Tt50 95 Main Image


Telescopic brackets from inox tubes, for ceiling installation, suitable for projector ceiling mounts  PCMUV3.1 and for maximum load capacity  12kg. P-TT regular items provide cable routing inside the tubes & can be combined with PCM-ACC-0020 adaptor for increased cable routing passage.

Coloring of metallic top  plate can be black or white.


  • Telescopic height adjustment
  • Maximum load: 12kg
  • Suitable with ceiling mounts PCMU V3.1 and custom constructions
  • Tubes with inox satin finish
  • Cable dispensing inside the tubes
  • Easy installation
  • Powder coat coloring of top metallic plate in black or white color.



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